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apl. Prof. Dr. Dr. Andrzej Wiercinski

  • apl. Prof. Dr. theol. habil. Dr. phil., Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, Germanywiercinski-foto.jpeg

  • Professor of General Education and Philosophy of Education, Department of Education, University of Warsaw

  • President of the International Institute for Hermeneutics

Wiercinski published in the areas of philosophy, theology, hermeneutics, philosophy of religion, comparative literature, and medieval studies. A main focus of his writing has been the hermeneutic retrieval of medieval metaphysics. Other areas of specialization include philosophical and theological hermeneutics, German Idealism, and comparative literature. He has also published volumes of poetry in Polish, German, and English.

His main goal is to elaborate an interdisciplinary approach to understanding of the self as a paradigm of mental health care in the material and scientific age. The other current project underway concerns the hermeneutics of education and the hermeneutics of communication exploring this relationship between human social sciences and natural sciences and their impact on contemporary society. Through his research, writing, and teaching he essentially contributes to the advancement of philosophical scholarship in the hermeneutic horizon, merging critical thinking and life.

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