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Traditio Classicorum (English Version)

Charles H. Lohr


The Fortuna of the Classical Authors to the Year 1650


The following pages contain a bibliography of secondary literature concerning the fortuna of classical authors to the year 1650.

The bibliography is arrarranged alphabetically according to the common form, in Latin, of the names of the authors. The Latin form is followed also for Greek and Arabic authors.

The term "classical" has in a few cases understood in a broad sense, so that some references are included to medieval and Renaissance "classics", but the choice has been rather arbitrary.

For the bibliography concrning the fortuna of biblical works, the following lists contain for the most par references only to books, periodical articles being omitted.

The entries for the individual authors have been divided into general works (situated immediately after the name of the author concerned) and specific titles (arranged chronologically).

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