Welcome to the research-oriented Freiburg MA Study of Religion!

The Freiburg MA Study of Religion is


... oriented towards second modernity and the present
- 'religion' conceived of as configuration within societies instead of a religious/secular dichotomy
- 'religion' from practices of religious organizations to psycho- and body practices

... places emphasis on theory of science for culture studies
- basic knowledge of cultural analysis
- systematic approaches like aesthetics of religion, cognitive science of religion and economics of religion
- European History of Religion in global interdependence
- specialized methodological seminars in comparative religion

... interdisciplinary
- with Jewish Studies, Islamic Studies, Theology, Cultural Anthropology and other subjects in Freiburg, Basel and EUCOR

... research-oriented
- innovative teaching of academic formats (conference presentation, presentation of speakers, etc.)
- competence to write a dissertation proposal
- also English and French language teaching in the EUCOR area
- teaching research

... professionally oriented
- academic positions in and outside the university (archives, foundations, educational work, cultural departments, etc.)
- early contact with professional field through teaching research project
- cooperation with potential employers through master's project

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