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Study of Religion



  • Study of Religion is a research-oriented, interdisciplinary master program (for more information about the approach of cultural study of religion see DVRW , EASR and IAHR).
  • At Freiburg you study transformation processes, especially in contemporary societies. Instead of a conception of religion according to the prototype of Christianity, the focus is on religious*secular plural configurations. Through this perspective on cultural patterns new ways of comparison arise, e.g., financial market speculation, stargazing, money coaching and life counseling become comparable. In addition to this comparative and theory of science approach of cultural studies, questions about the impact and entanglement of economic form, aesthetics, and global interdependence are central.
  • Depending on individual interests, you can link to other subjects and earn credits, for example, in Empirical Cultural Studies, History, Social and Cultural Anthropology, Global Studies, Gender Studies, Sociology, Political Sciences, Interdisciplinary Anthropology at the University of Freiburg or participate in classes in Study of Religion at the University of Basel/CH and EUCOR.


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