at the University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands 

"The philosophy of any European country might pride itself with Solov'ëv"
(Nikolaj Berdaev, "Filosofskaja istina i intelligentskaja pravda", in: Vekhi, p. 38)

Organized by:

  • University of Nijmegen ( Faculty of Philosophy, Faculty of Theology, Institute of Eastern Christian Studies)
  • Institute for Missiological and Ecumenical Research, Utrecht University
  • Transnational Vladimir Solovyov Society

Sponsored by:

  • Institute of Eastern Christian Studies, Nijmegen
  • IIMO, Utrecht University
  • Department of Metaphysics, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Nijmegen
  • Department of Social and Political Philosophy, Fac. of Philosophy, University of Nijmegen
  • Faculty of Theology, University of Nijmegen


  • Tuesday evening 15 September - Friday 18 September 1998


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General Information


arrivals and check-in

from 18.00 onwards: registration in the Aula/Congresgebouw

19.30, Aula Minor: welcome addresses

20.00 - 21.30, Aula Minor: plenary session: key note addresses:

1. Sutton, dr Jonathan [Dept. of Modern Slavonic Languages, University of Leeds]: Vl. Solovyov: Reconciler and Polemicist

2. Walicki, prof Andrzej [ Dept of History, University of Notre Dame]: Solovyov's Theocratic Utopia and Two Romantic Poets: A. Mickiewicz and F. Tyutchev

21.30: welcome drinks


09.30 - 12.00: three parallel panel sessions (4 papers per session, max. 30 minutes per paper)

A. Theoretical philosophy and Metaphysics

1. Ehlen, prof. Peter [Hochschule für Philosophie, München]: Solovyov's Rejection of the Substantiality of the Human Ego

2. Motroshilova, prof Nelli V. [Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow] : Novye temy filosofstvovanija u Vl. Solov'ëva

3. Swiderski, prof Edward [Institut Interfacultaire de l'Europe Orientale et Centrale, University of Fribourg]: Teoreticheskaja filosofija: The Critical Turn That Didn't Happen

4. Rashkovskij, dr. Evgenij B. [Institute of World Economy and International Relations, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow]: 'Three Justifications': Some Pivotal Philosophical Themes of Vl. Solovyov's Last Decade (participation yet uncertain)

B. Church and Christianity

1. Bercken, prof Wil v.d. [Institute for Missiological and Ecumenical Research, University of Utrecht]: Solovyov's Conception of the Church: Between Utopia and Ideal

2. Glazov, dr. Gregory [University of Oxford]: Vladimir Solovyov on Laity

3. Helleman, prof. Adrian A. [Faculty of Philosophy, Moscow State University]: Solovyov and Protestantism

C. Literary aspects I

1. Karasev, dr. Leonid [Institute of Advances Studies for the Humanities, Moscow]: Vl. Solovyov and A. Platonov: A View of Shame (participation yet uncertain)

2. Lappo-Danilevski, dr Konstantin [Institute of Russian Literature, Russian Academy of Sciences (St.Petersburg branch) / Marburg University]: Vl. Solovyov and Vyacheslav Ivanov

3. Marchenkov, Vladimir [Ohio State University]: Vl. Solovyov and Vyach. Ivanov: Two Theurgic Mythosophies

4. Neginsky, dr Rosina [University of Illinois of Urbana-Champaign]: Between F. Nietzsche and Vl. Soloviev: Zinaida Hippius' Vision of Love in her Poetry and Prose

12.00 - 13.00: lunch

13.00 - 15.00: three short parallel sessions (3 papers per session)

D. Plato, Platonism, and Neo-Platonism

1. Gavrjushin, prof. Nikolaj [Moscow Theological Academy, Sergiev Posad]: Solovyov and Christian Platonism in Russia

2. Meerson, Rev. Dr. Michael A. [Bethesda, MD]: The retrieval of Neo-Platonism in Solovyov's Trinitarian Synthesis

3. Nethercott, dr. Frances [University of Nijmegen]: Solov'ëv and the Russian Translation of Plato

E. Vl. Solovyov and the Orient (Judaism, Islam, China)

1. Halpérin, prof. Jean [University of Fribourg / Centre of Jewish Studies, University of Geneva]: How Vl. Solovyov Listened to Israel

2. Mezhuev, dr. Boris V. [Faculty of Philosophy, Moscow State University]: Discussion About China: Vl. Solovyov and A. Ukhtomsky in 1900 (participation yet uncertain)

3. Roshchin, Mikhail [Institute of Oriental Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow]: Vladimir Solovyov and Islam (participation yet uncertain)

4. Zhuravskij, dr Aleksej [Biblical Theological Institute, Moscow], The Image of the Orient in the Religious and Philosophical Thought of Vl. Solovyov

F. Ethics

1. Loiko, dr. Olga [Tomsk Polytechnical University]: The Problem of Social Memory in the Works of V.S. Solovyov (participation yet uncertain)

2. Mineva, prof. Emilia [Dept. of Philosophy, Sofia University]: Vladimir Solovyov on the Meaning of Life (participation yet uncertain)

3. Mirchev, dr. Dimiter [Dept. of Sociology, Sofia University]: Contemporary Reading of Ethical System of Vladimir Solovyov (participation yet uncertain)

4. Simons, dr Anton [CEKUN, University of Nijmegen]: Fighting the Worship of Holes - Solovyov's Polemical Ethics in Justification of the Good and in Three Conversations

15.00 - 16.00: presentations of editions, translations, projects, journals, et cetera

16.00 - 18.00: three short parallel panel sessions (3 papers per session)

G. Mysticism and Religious Experience:

1. Faradjev, Kirill [RGGU, Moscow]: Hesitation as an Impulse for Religious Philosophy and for the Search of Mystical Feelings; rubr. mysticism and religious experience (participation yet uncertain)

2. Khoruzhij, prof. Sergej S. [Institute of Man, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow]: Mystical versus Social: the Problem as seen and solved by Vl. Solovyov and the Orthodox Ascetic Tradition

3. Lathouwers, prof. emer. Ton [University of Leuven]: Solov'ëv's Concept of Sophia and the Concept of Prajna-Paramita in Mahayana-Buddhism: A Comparison

4. Wenzler, prof.dr. Ludwig [Universität Freiburg; Katholische Akademie Freiburg (Br.)]: The Correlation of Esthetic and Religious Experience in Vladimir Solov'ëv

H. Literary aspects II

1. Hesse, dr. Petra [Slawisches Seminar, University of Basel]: Vl. Solov'ëv 'Jocose' Verse in Relation to his Serious Poetry

2. Loseff, prof. Lev [Dept. of Russian, Dartmouth College]: Good Poetry and Bad Poetry According to Solovyov

3. Weststeijn, prof Willem [Dept of Slavistics, University of Amsterdam]: Vladimir Solovyov's Poetry

l. Solovyov in Relation to German Idealism

1. Bielfeldt, dr. Sigrun [Slawisches Seminar, Tübingen University]: Bogochelovechestvo und Subjektivität; Solov'ëv und Schellings Freiheitsschrift ;

2. Heyde, prof Ludwig [Dept. of Metaphysics, University of Nijmegen], Vl. Solov'ëv's Critique of Abstract Western Philosophy

3. Valliere, prof Paul [Dept. of Philosophy and Religious Studies, Butler University]: Solovyov and the "Philosophy of Revelation" [Schelling's Philosophie der Offenbarung]

19.30, Erasmusgebouw: meetings of Societies:

Transnational Vladimir Solovyov Society

Forschungsgruppe �Russische Philosophie"

SEET editorial board



09.30 - 12.30: three parallel panel sessions (4 or 5 papers per session)

J. Philosophy of Right and Political Philosophy

1. Gaut, prof. Greg [Dept. of History, St. Mary's University of Minnesota]: Vladimir Solovyov's Concurrence with Russian Liberalism

2. Karskens, prof. Machiel [Dept. of Social and Political Philosophy, University of Nijmegen]: The Political Philosophy in Solov'ëv's Opravdanie dobra

3. Senyushkina, dr. Tatiana [Simferopol State University]: Solovyov's Philosophy of Right: Morality and Law (participation yet uncertain)

4. Terpstra, dr Marin [Dept. of Social and Political Philosophy, University of Nijmegen]: Solovyov's Notion of Theocracy in the History of Political Theology

5. Zweerde, dr Evert van der [Dept. of Social and Political Philosophy, University of Nijmegen]: From Free Theocracy to Civil Society

K. Solov'ëv - his Successors and Critics I

1. Batova, dr. Natasha [International Pedagogical University, Magadan]: Two Positions. Unity and Contradiction (participation yet uncertain)

2. Belkin, Dmitrij [Institut f. Osteuropäische Geschichte und Landeskunde, Tübingen University]: Ludolf Müller about Vl. Solovyov

3. Haney, dr. Frank [Institut für Philosophie, Potsdam University]: Solovyov and Florensky - Coincidences and Differences in their Relation to Science and Rationality

4. Hunt, prof. Priscilla [University of Massachusetts]: 'George Florovsky's Battle Against Sophiology and the Novgorod Sophia Icon'

5. Dennes, dr. Maryse [Université Michel de Montaigne, Bordeaux III]: V. Solov'ëv i G. Florovskij: the Russian Idea and the Way to Overcome a Certain Polemic

6. Kozyrev, dr. Aleksej P. [Moscow State University]: Bulgakov and Florovskiy: the Experience of Return to Solovyov (participation yet uncertain)

L. Vladimir Solov'ev and Lev Shestov:

1. Desmond, prof. William [Institute of Philosophy, University of Leuven] : God Beyond the Whole: Between Solovyov and Shestov

2. Gottschalk, Philip A. M.A. [Institute of Philosophy, University of Leuven]: Vladimir Solovyov: Pro et Contra

3. Goubergen, dr. Martine van [Dept. of Applied Linguistics, Hogeschool voor Wetenschap en Kunst, Brussels]: Why Shestov mistrusted Solovyov

4. Schulz, dr. Sergej [Rostov State University]: The Eschatology of Solovyov and Shestov (participation yet uncertain)

12.30: lunch or lunch and excursion

19.00: dinner in the Johannes XIII Hall


09.30 - 12.00: three parallel panel sessions (4 papers per session)

M. Sophia, Wholeness, Immortality:

1. Gardner, mr. Clint [President of the Transnational Vladimir Solovyov Society]: Vl. Solovyov: His Search of Wholeness

2. Helleman, dr. Wendy Elgersma [Faculty of Philosophy, Moscow State University]: Title: Solovyov and Sophia

3. Pugachëv, dr. Oleg S. [Dept. of Philosophy, State Academy of Agriculture, Penza]: The Conception of Immortality in Solovyov's Philosophy (participation yet uncertain)

4. Slesinski, rev Robert [SS. Peter and Paul Byzantine Catholic Church, Bethlehem PA]: Sophiology as a Metaphysics of Creation According to V.S. Solovyov

N. Solovyov in Russia I

1. Bar-Yosef, prof. Hamutal [Ben Gurion University, Jerusalem]: Solovyov in Russian Jewish Literature

2. Courten, Manon de [University of Nijmegen]: Conceptions of Russian History: Sergej M. Solov'ëv and Vladimir S. Solov'ëv

3. Nosov, dr. Aleksandr A. [Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow]: Russia is Reading Solovyov (1905-1917) (participation yet uncertain)

4. Vishnevetskyj, prof. Igor G. [Emory University]: Sergei Solovyov (mladshij) as a Historian of Philosophy and Culture

O. Solov'ëv - his Successors and Critics II

1. Benevich, dr Grigorij [School of Religion and Philosophy, St.Petersburg]: The Notion of the 'Androgynous' in Vladimir Solovyov and its Transformation in the Religious Thought of Mother Maria (Skobtsova)

2. Breckner, dr Katharine [Hamburg University]: The Vision of Christian Socialism from S.N. Trubetskoj, S. N. Bulgakov and N.K. Berdjaev in the Line of Vl. Solov'ëv

3. Kaukhchishvili, prof. Nina [Università di Bergamo]:

4. Klimenko, prof emer. Michael [University of Hawaii, Honolulu]: Soloviev's Universal Utopia of Theocracy and Berdiaev's Answer

5. Proyart, prof.emer. Jacqueline de [Université de Bordeaux III (Michel de Montaigne) / Institut d'études slaves, Paris]: La vision de l'Église chez Soloviev et Berdiaev

12.00 - 13.00: lunch

13.00 - 15.30: two parallel panel sessions (4 papers per session)

P Solovyov in Russia II

1. Artemieva, prof. Tatiana [Institute of Human Studies, Russian Academy of Science, St. Petersburg]: The Secret Ways of the Russian Spirit (participation yet uncertain)

2. Borisova, dr. Irina V. [Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow]: Solovyov and Lopatin: Friendship and Polemics (participation yet uncertain)

3. Filonenko, dr. Aleksandr [lecturer in Philosophy, Religious and Cultural Studies, Khar'kov State University]: Solov'ëv i Skovoroda: Religion as Vulnerability (participation yet uncertain)

4. Lazari, prof. Andrej de [University of Lodz]: Nikolai Strakhov and Vladimir Solovyov

5. Schrooyen, drs Pauline [University of Nijmegen]: The Idea of Messianism in the Works of Kireevskij and Solov'ëv

Q. Apocalypsis, Godmanhood, and Cosmism

1. Hagemeister, dr Michael [Lotman-Institut für russische und sowjetische Kultur, Ruhr-Universität Bochum]: Vladimir Solovyov and Sergei Nilus: Apocalypticism and Anti-Semitism

2. Ivanov, dr. Valerij [Dept. of Philosophy, Kurgan State University]: Godman or Mangod? Vl. Solovyov and F. Nietzsche (participation yet uncertain)

3. Kotchetkova, ms. Tatjana [Faculty of Philosophy, Kiev National University]: Godmanhood in the Interpretation of Vladimir Solovyov and the Problem of Actualisation of Human Essence (participation yet uncertain)

4. Poljakov, prof Leonid [Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences]: On the Problem of Evil in Vl. Solovyov: the Soul of the World and Anti-Christ (participation yet uncertain)

5. Troncale, Joe: Vl. Solov'ëv and Russian Cosmism

16.00 - 18.00: Aula Minor: Concluding session (forum discussion / presentations by panel chairs)

Aula/Congresgebouw, University of Nijmegen

Comeniuslaan 2

NIJMEGEN, The Netherlands


The congress will be held in the Main Auditorium and Conference Center of the University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

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